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Outdoor Cooking and Barbecue Guide

What happens when two people share their love for health, nutrition and food? With a combined effort, you get healthy, well balanced and delicious meals.

About Us

He (The Pitmaster) is an avid Griller and Smoking Guru. She (The Cook) is a Gourmet Cook using lots of Techniques and Ingredients.

Together, they Test and Publish Simple, Healthy Delicious Meal ideas.

About Us

Follow us with our Outdoor Cooking and BBQ Guide, we will share with you some recipes, tips and tricks on how to become a better Pitmaster and Home Cook – all year round!  Whether you are a backyard griller, weekend warrior, smoking or grilling, home cook or professional…and everything in between..You can join in a community that shares.

What is a Pitmaster?

Search online for the definition of “Pitmaster” and all the dictionary’s will tell you the definition is:

pitmaster (plural pitmasters)
One who operates a barbecue pit.

For most of us, we think of Pitmasters as ones who operate a Business (BBQ Joint) or are in Competition.
But what about those that are backyard guru’s?

The truth is once you Gain Respect from those you cook for, you are a Pitmaster. That means:

1. Mastery of one’s pit without electronic assistance.
2. Its the cook, not the cooker.
3. Understanding and controlling the environment.

What is a Cook?

Cook is The action of cooking, the preparation of food with heat for consumption. Sometimes, it also means helper, decorator and host!

About Us

In this Barbecue Guide, we cover many things including:

Culinary Basics

BBQ Guide to Safety

Gas or Charcoal?

Barbecue Recipes

The Keto Diet

Keto Recipes

Is Barbecue Healthy?

Barbecue Advice

Entertaining Outdoors

BBQ Restaurant Reviews

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Find BBQ Near You

Pitmaster Fashion

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