Great Yards – Spring through Fall

outd - Great Yards - Spring through Fall

As the weather starts to shift and the crisp air settles in, your first inclination might be to head indoors, cozy up with a blanket and save that deck and patio project you’ve been researching for next year. Not so fast. While home improvement stores sell spring and summer as the seasons for all things outdoor home improvement, fall and winter are actually the best times to build.

Pitmaster’s perfect bbq yards: Great Yards – Spring through Fall

Here are five reasons you should take advantage of the transitional months and make your dreams a reality.

Great Yards - Spring through Fall

1. Use fresh summer memories to plan to perfection

With memories of backyard barbecues and lazy summer days still fresh in your mind, now is the perfect time to evaluate your outdoor lifestyle and plan a deck that fits your needs. Whether you’re building a small, platform deck or a multi-level expanse, think about how you use your outdoor living space. Do you host large summer soirees? If so, a durable deck with handrails, built-in seating and lighting can help you define zones for socializing and eating. Is a peaceful, deck getaway more your style? Then consider designing your deck to frame a view, incorporate a hot tub or include a small reading nook. Whatever your preference, make sure you keep transitions in mind. Clear pathways between frequently used openings like the kitchen door, stairs and the backyard will improve your use of the space.

Great Yards - Spring through Fall

2. Avoid project delays

When deck building is at its peak and contractors are working from dawn to dusk, it can be hard to nail down the right professional and get a start date on the calendar. Far too often, project delays turn dreams of days lounging on a new deck with a lemonade in hand into a source of frustration that mars summer fun. But as fall approaches and construction demands slow, these become issues of the past. Homeowners can often secure top-rated contractors and negotiate a convenient start date fall through winter. And with full project crews, many decks are built at a quicker pace.

Great Yards - Spring through Fall

3. Take advantage of seasonal savings

Fall marks the start of the off-season for decking. Whether brands are clearing inventory to make way for new products or contractors are offering incentives to keep their schedule full, there are plenty of seasonal opportunities to save on decking materials and installation costs. By taking advantage of these discounts, you can create your dream deck under budget. You might even free up some money for a few splurges like a trellis or fire pit.

Great Yards - Spring through Fall

4. Protect your existing landscape

The telltale cool air of fall means one thing – improved working conditions. Grass, trees and plants start to go dormant as temperatures drop and the ground freezes, making it easier for you or your contractor to build a deck or patio without harming your landscape. The season’s milder weather also lends itself to a more comfortable working environment.

Great Yards - Spring through Fall

5. Extend decking season

Decks are no longer reserved for summer. With the right decking material, you can create an indoor-outdoor space that spans multiple seasons and keeps you breathing fresh air all year long. Look for decking products that are as durable as they are beautiful. This will help ensure your outdoor living space remains in top shape throughout Mother Nature’s harsher months.

“By using products like ChoiceDek composite decking that are extremely durable and water resistant, homeowners can broaden the scope of their home,” said Josh Landis, senior marketing manager for ChoiceDek composite decking. “The boards resist rotting and splintering and are easy to clean, a combination that will keep decks looking ready for summer all year long.”

Great Yards - Spring through Fall

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Great Yards - Spring through Fall

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