Cooking Live…Happening Right NOW!

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Some of you may be contemplating starting a Blog?

Maybe for Fun. Maybe for a side hustle.

Well, if you do, there are two approaches to Take.

1. Fine Tuned Articles. Well written with professional images. (Most of our Articles are done this way). But what, exactly goes into getting it perfect? Well, a log, image journal, notes, then pro photo’s and a few hours writing, editing and publishing.Which leads us to..

2. Step by Step, casual approach.

Which brings us here today.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest, taking in images and ideas for the upcoming Holiday. Easter.

i decided to give some of the Trendy ideas for Easter Treats a Try! So, for your viewing pleasure, I bring to you my Bloggers Journal for Trending Easter Treats at Home (I’ll probably rename the article when I fine tune it).

So, this year, I will be tackling Easter Bark (white chocolate and milk chocolate).

Ive never had any success working with Chocolate, so I decided to try the latest advances in chocolate making. Chocolate melts. I will also be including some product comments and reviews.

Thurs Apr 18

What You Will Need

Store bought assortment of chocolate melts, sprinkles, marshmallows and pre-made cookies. And pastel colored eggs or m & m’s.

Cooking Live...Happening Right NOW! Cooking Live...Happening Right NOW! Cooking Live...Happening Right NOW! Cooking Live...Happening Right NOW!

You Following? Make a comment and I will carry on.

We’re getting some Pins and Tweets, so I’m continuing on.

Once the log and notes are completed, I will provide a link to the Final Edited Article.

So, you will also need chocolate a mold (if doing loose candies) or a baking sheet if you are doing Bark Clumps.
Cooking Live...Happening Right NOW!

I decided to order a Wilton kit for lollipop making and a few microwaveable molds. (I have also seen people posting about warming their chocolate wafers in their crock pot or instapots) If you are going this route, let us know below.

So, if you are like me and have tried making chocolate before, using the double boiler method. You know what a hassle that can be. The center never melts, the edges burn or the whole batch separates or lumps up.

When I had seen that you can just buy chocolate wafers, place them in the mold and microwave, I said “cool”. I’m in!

OK, almost ready. A quick note about Chocolates. I bought 2 colors of Wilton chocolate (purple, yellow), 1  color of Merkens (pink) and 1 color of Ghiradelli (white). My plan is to work primarily with Ghiradelli because I saw bad reviews about Wilton’s meltability.(? To be reviewed).

Get Ready to Melt. You will need to set your microwave to defrost (low temp) for 2 1/2 minutes. Then increments of 30 second defrost more. Tap on counter between try’s.

Cooking Live...Happening Right NOW! Cooking Live...Happening Right NOW!


First batch. Some glitches. You have to put 4-5 wafers in each slot. After the first 2 1/2 minutes I tapped and saw I need to add more as the chocolate melted and dropped down.

After the next 30 seconds and another 30 seconds – it didn’t quite melt down all and the bottom center on some started to burn and bubble over.

Round 2. New approach.



Cooking Live...Happening Right NOW!

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