Guide to the Dutch Oven Philosophy

charcoal starter - Guide to the Dutch Oven Philosophy

Guide to the Dutch Oven Philosophy

Guide to the Dutch Oven Philosophy

Old West Cooking and Chit-chatting

Talking about the Dutch Oven philosophy, there are two things that make a good cookout. For starters, the essential thing are the conversations. The kind of conversations that make the time seem like an amber lazily floating away. But any worthwhile conversation needs a backdrop, and that is where the hearty aromas and sizzling noises of food find their home among the colorful chattering of lively conversation. The food at a cookout doesn’t necessarily have to be complex, or even amazing for that matter. All a cookout Chef needs to provide is a dish that is hearty and filling, preferably something nicely greasy and challengingly meaty. A cookout Chef just has to keep his process simple. That’s why the Dutch Oven exists, it is an old west way of cooking in the new age.

Guide to the Dutch Oven Philosophy

The Dutch Oven

For the uninitiated, a Dutch Oven is a cast iron monstrosity of a stew pot that possesses the rustic charm of an item made for simple and demanding tasks. Dutch Ovens also possess something close to the durability of a small mountain and, if you do see one, there is close to a fifty percent chance that that particular pot has been a family heirloom for nearly three generations. The durability of cast iron lends itself to several rudimentary cooking applications enthusiastically. In fact, most attempts to use them often end in success due to cast iron’s inclination for even heat distribution.

Guide to the Dutch Oven Philosophy

The Dutch Oven cookout

A simple Dutch Oven cookout is easy to accomplish by adhering to the following steps. Begin the cookout by placing your Dutch Oven directly onto the red-hot coals of a low burning fire. Throw in some steaks into the steaming maw of your iron pit and add a liquid liberally, beer is usually a good choice, to help the steaks retain their tender meaty goodness. Continue on with your life for the next several minutes or so. The aroma of the food cooking and the beer sizzling will help to make the coming moments all the sweeter.

Once the steaks start to show some brown creeping up their edges flip them. Add more liquid to help regulate the temperature of the controlled inferno beneath your pot. A minute or so after your steaks begin to firm up, take them off the heat.

That’s it, you’re done, just make sure to have some more lively conversation while the meat cools – because, after that first bite of hearty goodness, a conversation will be the last thing on your mind.

For further reading on Old West Cookin’ check out Legends of America Dutch Oven for Campfire and Chuckwagon.

Guide to the Dutch Oven Philosophy

Samuel is a Writer and Pitmaster from Montana. Sharing his views on Smoke, Fire and Outdoor Cooking.

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Guide to the Dutch Oven Philosophy

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