Outdoor Man Cave Tailgating Season is Here!

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It’s football time, and many Americans are making the annual pilgrimage to man caves forged in living rooms, basements or garages. There, fans hunker down for hours in the extreme comforts of recliners, snacks and drinks, and of course, mega-sized TV screens.

Outdoor Man Cave Tailgating Season is Here!

Yet for others, the football experience is superior outside the stadium at tailgating gatherings with family and friends. After all, tailgating is an American tradition with roots dating back to the Civil War and the First Battle of Bull Run, according to the American Tailgaters Association.

The tailgate party has evolved significantly since then, and now football fans can further power-up their tailgating experience to create a “mobile man cave” that rivals the comforts of home.

Outdoor Man Cave Tailgating Season is Here!


An offensive line — of vehicles

A big tailgate party does not require a big vehicle. While a hatchback or pickup truck is certainly a plus, most important is to have the wheels that can deliver the goods. One fresh take is for tailgaters to team up by lining up a caravan of cars for a multi-stationed tailgate. This game plan can help tailgaters distribute the load of goods and equipment that is needed to make the mobile man cave a fan cave that’s comfortable for all.

Outdoor Man Cave Tailgating Season is Here!
Put in the QB of TVs

A TV is vital for the tailgating entertainment. There are many options for outdoor TVs that provide great pictures even in the sun’s glare and in extreme temperatures. Tailgaters also have plenty of choices for receiving a great picture, from portable satellite dishes or services to digital streaming options or even old-fashioned rabbit ear antennas. Be sure to test out the picture in advance so it is ready to go come kick-off.

The cook’s playbook

Great food makes for great tailgates. Beyond the staples of chips and burgers and beers, tailgaters can step outside the regular playbook and bring new recipes. Look for inventive recipes easy to make in crockpots — mozzarella-stuffed meatballs, anyone? — or bring along a deep fryer for a new take on deviled eggs.

No place like dome

When it comes to football season, the weather is always a factor — but tailgaters should not let a little inclement weather derail the event. Primarily, be prepared with the right gear to make the experience comfortable and enjoyable. A canopy is always recommended to provide a “dome-like” feel, while cooling fans and portable heaters will be welcomed for climate control.

Linebacker-like power

The most critical factor of all in making a powered-up tailgate is the power source itself. That’s where a generator like the Powerhorse Portable Inverter Generator from Northern Tool + Equipment comes in. This generator serves as a quiet, mobile, linebacker-strong and safe power source that can plug in all the tailgating needs to make sure the TV, food, heat and more are running to the 20, the 15, the 10, the 5 … Touchdown!

Lastly, many Americans have started a new Tradition of HomeGating. Tailgating in your Backyard, Park or Block Party. Give it a TRY!

Outdoor Man Cave Tailgating Season is Here!

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